BOSE Fan Tracks


Bose is the official sound of the NFL. 360i and Bose engaged MAS to bring their amazing FanTracks idea to life during the ramp up to Super Bowl 2016. For FanTracks, Bose scoured Twitter to find Super Bowl related tweets, turned them into songs, filmed their performance and responded to fans on Twitter with videos of their song-i-fied tweets. MAS activated every step of the process.

How It Went Down

To demonstrate the FanTracks concept, 360i tapped MAS to lead production on a 60 second online commercial. MAS managed the production of the shoot, the talent and four original songs in four genres.

The spot received press coverage in all the trades, and primed the pump for the real time activation of FanTracks.

MAS wrangled all talent to Bose’s Boston studio where we shot 20 songs over 3 days in every imaginable genre. Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Metal and Gospel were all in the mix and songs were improvised, filmed and tweeted back to fans on Twitter within an hour of their tweets.


FanTracks exceed all 360i’s metrics for social engagement, received press coverage in multiple publications and became the stand out digital execution of Super Bowl 50.

Category Original Composition, Strategy

Tags Creative Music Projects, TV Commercial Production, Culture

Client Bose