Nikon & Counting Crows

In order to launch its first two mirror-less cameras, Nikon staged an impressive celebratory event. To unveil the new Nikon 1 System d-SLR cameras and lenses, the brand commissioned MAS to promote it with a music experience for fans to cherish.

The Band

After careful research and consultation, Nikon and MAS agreed that alternative rock band, the Counting Crows, perfectly encapsulated Nikon’s audience. Their sound was to become the ideal form of entertainment at the celebratory launch event for the new cameras and lenses.

Concert Production

MAS negotiated talent agreements and fully produced an intimate concert for the Counting Crows in front of a VIP audience and the press. Bloggers posted about the event, helping the amazing new cameras and lenses reach an increased awareness.

Category Strategy

Tags Event Production, Concert Production, Negotiations

Client Nikon